Early voting


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If you are a NSW elector and are unable to attend a polling place on Election Day, 28 March 2015, you may be eligible to register to vote early via Pre-poll, Postal Vote or iVote®

Electors who will be Interstate or Overseas, please note that the in person voting options have changed

There are a number of services available if you require voting assistance at a pre-poll venue

Key dates for the iVote® system

iVote® Registration has closed

The iVote® system voting has closed

iVote® numbers are sent out from Monday, 16 March via SMS, email and letter. If you selected email delivery you should also remember to check that the email has not been filtered to your SPAM or Junk mail folder.

Key dates for Postal votes

For deliveries outside Australia, registration has closed

For deliveries within Australia, registration has closed

Ballot Papers must be received by NSW Electoral Commission, no later than 6pm EDST Wednesday, 1 April

Postal ballot papers packs were progressively dispatched from Tuesday 17 March 2015 followed the close of nomination (including general postal voters and silent postal voters)

We suggest that electors who still haven't received their postal packs, contact the call centre.

Key dates for Pre-poll

Pre-poll has closed

Locations of Pre-poll venues are available through the Pre-poll page